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Piero P. Giorgi (biologist, neuroscientist, and peace researcher)


INITIAL NOTE The development of this web site is in progress. We begin with an English version limited to the topic of peace studies (human nature, origin of violence and nonviolence and possible social changes). Other topics pursued during his academic career (developmental biology, neuroscience, medical history, neuropathology, and political sciences) will be soon developed together with a corresponding Italian version of the site.


Piero P. Giorgi has been involved for more than twenty years in peace and conflict studies from the unusual viewpoint of science.


Below is the front cover of the textbook he used for his teaching in the period 1995-2004 within the university degree in Paece and Conflict Studies he established in 1992 with other colleagues at the University of Queensland (Brisbane), the first one in Australia and still offered in 2017. The book Giorgi, P.P. (2001) The origins of violence by cultural evolution, Minerva ES, Brisbane is now out of print, so we can offer it as a free dawn load. Importantly, it contains the innovative views on human nature that have recently been confirmed by numerous anthropologists (see the third free download below).



Below one can also down load for free chapter “Nonkilling Biology” by Piero P. Giorgi , pp.95-124 of the book edited by J. Evans Pim Toward a nonkilling paradigm, published by the Center for Global Nonkilling, University of op (2009).

volume Toward a nonkilling paradigm