BLOG of Piero P. Giorgi

Research in Peace Studies


In this blog I intend sharing ideas while discussing with anybody interested in nonviolence

While respecting the approaches
used so far in nonviolence studies, such as
religion, spirituality, secular humanism, antimilitarism,
international law, conflict mediation, multicultural dialogue, etc.
I am relying more on science and the scientific method,
without neglecting the spiritual dimension of human beings.
The main disciplines adopted are :
  • Anthropology

  • Neurobiology

  • Social Behaviour

  • Education Sciences

The methodology moves from
defining human nature,
to explaining the origin of violence,
explaining the origin of power systems,
and explaining the acquisition
of social competition by children.

My motivation in studying nonviolence
is the idea of holding good news
for a nonviolent future,
rather than accepting a rapid extinction.

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